Our names are Tamara & Simone.
Long-time friends & previous co-workers and roommates. Combined we have 19 years of retail buying under our belts and an undeniable love of FASHION!
We wanted to create a destination website that you could visit anytime of the year to meet your travel needs. 
We primarily focus on unique collaborations, local and diverse destination brands and all things that we personally
If you don’t find these items in our closets at home, then you won’t find them in our shop.  
Now, where did the name Flying Flamingos originate from?
TWINS of course!
Simone is a mama of identical twin girls and Tamara is an identical twin herself. 
As Flamingos form strong bonds in pairs and are referred to as “wandering birds” it was only suitable for our destination site to have 
Flamingos as our brand mascots taking us from one beach to another 
XO Tamara & Simone

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