Hi, we are Tamara and Simone!  Two dynamic individuals with a shared passion for fashion and a combined expertise of 19 years in the world of retail. As longtime friends, former colleagues, and roommates, we've always dreamed of creating a boutique that celebrates individuality and style in a vibrant way.

Our boutique is a reflection of our personal tastes and values. We curate a selection of unique collaborations, spotlight local and diverse brands, and feature items that we genuinely adore. If it's not in our own closets, it won't be in our shop.

So, why Flying Flamingos? Well, it's all about our connection as twins. Simone is a proud mother of identical twin girls, while Tamara is an identical twin herself. Just like flamingos, who form strong bonds in pairs and are known as "wandering birds," our brand embodies the spirit of exploration and togetherness. That's why our brand mascots are the flamingos, guiding us from one destination to another, whether it's a beach getaway or an urban adventure!

With love,

Tamara & Simone

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